The Dark Reformation Part 4: The Islam Delusion And Kuffars For The Caliphate

Part A: The Islam Delusion

It is necessary, in order to counter progressive propaganda and delusion, to state the truth about Islam as clearly and as simply as possible. Here are the essential claims:

Islam is an adaptive fiction. A belief system that does not correspond to any metaphysical reality, but it is, however, an extremely successful system at surviving and propagating itself.

Islam is an intrinsically imperialist (conquest and conversion) system of ideas. (Ideas not necessarily people.)

Islam is an existential threat to the West (in its current form) and every other civilisation.

Islam was the historic enemy of the West (when it was Christian.)

Islam, but only as a consequence of progressivist delusion or perfidy, is now successfully colonising and imposing by force and violence its way of life on Europeans, and to a lesser extent America.

While the majority of Muslims are not violent, all Jihadis are Muslims. Jihadis have an unacceptable level of ideological (and material) support from other Muslims.

Islam, (the Sunni majority, and the Shia minority) in both theory and practice is historically, philosophically, politically and ethically incompatible with the West (and with every other civilisation.)

Islam is, for good or bad, a unique civilisation. Muslims cannot be Muslims in the West — Muslim men cannot be Muslim men in modernity, and Westerners cannot be free and safe while living in close proximity with Muslims. This is essentially the core of the problem.

These are the essential points. They are indisputable. Anyone who disagrees is either ignorant, lying or is simply delusional — as a consequence of progressive propaganda.

The West and Islam need not exist in a state of permanent war, however.

I cannot emphasise enough, that this war must end. Because, if not it will end in the total annihilation and or subjection of one civilisation or the other — or both. Furthermore, there are three other major civilisations: China, India and Russia. These civilisations, as of this moment, are not beholden to the reality distortion effect of progressivism. If Islam conquers Europe (which now looks increasingly likely) these powers, if attacked —as they currently are in a low-intensity way by Islam —may take the ultimate decision and destroy vast swaths of Islamic lands with nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. Needless to say, from the standpoint of humanity, this is a tragedy. But, it is perfectly possible from the stand-point of human history; nothing in human history suggests otherwise.

It is thus time for the West and Islam to find new leaders. Leaders who can lead their respective peoples back from the brink of total war. Below, I outline a plan for a Grand-Bargain with the Islamic world.

Part B Kuffurs For The Caliphate.

The destiny of Muslims has been denied. A unique civilisation has been (by their own lights) corrupted and infected by the West — a claim not without justification.

While Muslims and historians can debate the reasons for and date of decline, I choose March 1st 1924— the abolishment of the Caliphate as the lowest point in modern Islamic history, and a major source of contemporary trouble.

Islam, without the Caliphate, is like a body without a head. It is like the Catholic Church but without a Pope. It is like the ancient Chinese without the Emperor, or the Romans without a Caesar.

Islam needs the Caliph because the Caliph brings order and justice to the Muslim polity. Otherwise, as history and contemporary events have demonstrated, there is nothing but tyranny, anarchy and war — and predation by the West and others.

Non-Muslims should support Muslims to recover their destiny — to restore their civilisation.

The re-founding of Islam must take place in Arabia.

The Saudis must be persuaded to abdicate the throne, and all power and responsibility. Though, one of them, could become Caliph.

How to select a Caliph?

A world-wide democratic election by all Sunni Muslims or by Imams (like a representative democracy) could select a Caliph (then no more democracy). This is feasible given the technology we now have.

In return for support by non-Muslims for the restoration of the Caliphate, Muslims must come to a peace agreement with the West.

What could a peace agreement with the West look like?

The Peace agreement has, at least, three main pillars: A, B, C.

A: The Restoration Of The Caliphate.

The restoration requires the ending of all foreign military interference in Muslim majority lands; the renegotiation of all diplomatic, trade and cultural contact between Islamic countries and western countries. In short, Muslims ought to be able to “purge” peacefully any unwanted cultural influences.

B: The Resolution Of The Israeli/ Palestinian Conflict.

A political two-state, or one state solution is impossible, as theology, philosophy, history and current events demonstrate. This conflict has gone on for seven decades — time for change.

This leaves only two options: war until a victor emerges or a buyout. I prefer buyout.

The following is a template of how a buyout could work. The concept is explicitly tribalistic and is supposed to echo how tribes would resolve conflict in the past. Today, I presume, it would be practiced by rival Mafia gangs. One character in the Sopranos, for example, says “name a price” in order to “make nice” after a round of blood-letting. The “buyout” is a negotiation between the Israelis, the Palestinians, and I presume, Americans, Europeans and other Muslims.

The negotiation begins, let’s says, at twenty million U.S Dollars (or whatever currency is desired.) Every Palestinian man, woman and child receives that if agreed to. Whatever the final price, Americans, with aid of the Europeans, will double it. Finally, whatever the final price, The Caliph will triple it — using Arabian oil wealth, with perhaps support of the United Arab Emirates. Conservatively, every Palestinian could end up with eighty million U.S dollars.

In return, Palestinians vacate the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, give up all right of return, and lastly sign an agreement recognising the state of Israel as the homeland of the Jews. The Caliph and all other Muslim countries must sign an agreement recognising Israel and enter into a permanent non-aggression treaty.

C. Peaceful, Orderly, Repatriation Of Muslims From The West.

The negotiation opens up high: all, or at least 90 percent of Muslims in every Western country must leave voluntarily or involuntarily. They will be financially compensated, they can take whatever property they can. They will not be molested in any way unless they initiate force. Once this is accomplished, Muslims can, of course, enter the West for the purpose of trade, education, science, tourism etc. However, they can never (at least for the long future) be allowed to be citizens (thus vote, hold office, work for the State).

A modification of the initial opening plays could require that all Muslims convicted of crimes (including terrorism) are instantly deported. Furthermore, all citizens, including Muslims must sign a contract. This contract would prohibit activities such as promulgating “Islamism”. Punishment would be tailored and proportionate with restrictions on citizen privileges (like voting, employment, welfare etc. Final deportation — to Islamic countries — of those who cannot conform would be the result.

These are just some ideas. The core point is this: once Muslims enter a non-Muslim country, everything changes. The fundamental rules — the “rules of the road” — are all up for grabs.

Understandably, this will cause fear among Muslims. What to do?

Muslims, need hope for the future, after their years of humiliation and suffering — much of which the West is responsible for. Muslims, especially those in the West, need incentives to leave the West peacefully and happily. They need to feel that they are not leaving a good life but are going to a great and glorious future — to a better life.

In the next instalment I will present a plan: a restoration of the Caliphate and a vision for a New Arabia, that, I hope, will inspire Muslims to support the peace treaty proposal.


6 thoughts on “The Dark Reformation Part 4: The Islam Delusion And Kuffars For The Caliphate

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  3. lalit says:

    You are dreaming. The palestinians will pocket the money and still demand the land. Muslims are under no obligation to be bound by treaties signed with the Kuffars


  4. fred hampton says:

    Islam is incompatible with Western society. The solution to the problems caused by importing Muslims, the majority of whom refuse to integrate and mistake our kindness for weakness; and whose ideology isn’t just “non western” but actively “anti western”, is obviously to ban Islam and deport ALL Muslims! If you are currently Muslim and a resident of the west, you would then have two choices: LEAVE, or renounce Islam completely and swear an oath to your nation and that you have renounced Islam, and evidence to the contrary would indicate a crime and would be grounds for deportation.

    And what about Muslims that are citizens and have been here longer than some of us?! We must either buy a chunk of land and send them there, or support a separatist movement in some sh-thole land and get them to take them in, or even just push them out of the back of a plane (with parachutes of course- I’m not unreasonable!) over a natio with no functioning government such as Somalia. That, or they can do the sensible thing and renounce Islam and they’d be welcome to stay!


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