How Trump Won Part 6: Trumping The Cathedral.

You can read the article here at Social Matter who have graciously accepted it.

I decided to choose the name of this ENTJ Dude.

I actually wrote that article just after Trump’s election victory, and it was going to be part of my major series on Moldbug – the Ten Pillars of Mencius Moldbug. However, I decided to include it in the How Trump Won series.

The article begins with James Burnham’s The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom which seems to be a highly underrated book among reactionaries. This book was the second book I read  after discovering Moldbug; it provided me with a robust, philosophical, historical and social analysis that confirmed to me my deepest intuitions and fears about the nature of political reality in the West.

Over the course of preparing my huge, 100,000 word systematic exposition on Moldbug’s system I came to see the central importance of Burnham and Mosca, along with De Jouvenel, to Moldbug’s project. So, it was gratifying to see Moldbug, in his recent exchange with Scott Araonson, state that Burnham’s book is the “number 1” book to read in order to think realistically about politics:

In my mind, the #1 resource for learning to think in this way is James Burnham’s _The Machiavellians_. This is a summary of the Italian School of political science, whose leading figures are Vilfredo Pareto and Gaetano Mosca. Mosca is in my view a sort of lost Darwin of 20th-century political science.)”

Social Matter have covered Burnham, and Sam Francis – whom Burnham influenced – here, and here.

Also, see Social Pathologist: here, here and here.

For more on Trump and the Deep State see these useful articles, though not without reservations, here, here and my own little essay here. 

The final part on Trump will be posted later on in the week.


Following on from my Social Matter essay, Michael Flynn has been (politically) assassinated by the Deep State Polygon. Trump could perform a “Judo” move here. He now has the excuse to flush out his Deep State enemies and crush them. He could adopt a similar strategy to Mao. (Once thing about the left, is that they are the best when it comes to politics, because they understand power because that is their life’s purpose. The right, meanwhile, only view politics instrumentally and reluctantly. They enter politics only defensively – against the left. Trump, however, is a fighter. So, the next couple of weeks will be crucial – they will either make or break his administration.


I have decided to do a raw data dump. Over the course of the election I recorded a number of links that I thought useful. Again, I stocked them in my forthcoming work on Moldbug. However, I am going to place them here. The links provide evidence of, well, the Cathedral. Secondly, in my next part of How Trump Won I talk about how the Brahmans are so out of touch with reality.



Media, Trump, Trust.
(Key evidence of delusion among Brahmins: PR people and strategists.
( Key evidence of bias against trump. )
(Key evidence of bias from New York Times.)
(Key evidence.)

Commentary and evidence.
(Media lies?)
(The Cathedral. Corruption.)
( The Cathedral. Soros.)’s-taiwan-call-wasn’t-blunder-it-was-brilliant
( Hypocrisy on Trump compared with Obama on Cuba. Cathedral.)
( Media lying.)
(Lots of sources here on bias and delusion.)
(Excellent commentary.)

Polls and Intellectual bubbles.

Trump won. How? The Cathedral and its priests (like Nate Sliver) all considered it impossible. Does the shocking upset not provide evidence, or even pause, that the form is not matching the substance?
( Bubble.)
(So confident of victory, yet so wrong.)
(Clinton and her team were living in a bubble.)
( PhD predicts that Clinton has more than a 90% “reasonable” chance of victory.)

The Cathedral and Clinton:
(Cathedral and Clinton.)













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