How Trump Won Part 9D: A Coup against the Cathedral?

At the end of the part 9c, we had “Rhetocrates” claim that the “Red government” has lost faith in the civic religion of America which is the “formula” of the ” Blue Government.” 

In this, and the next part, we will consider why in a little more detail.

Warrior Citizens: 

One of the most important gaps evident in the survey data collected for this project is public disaffection with their elected leaders on issues of war strategy.”

“The public sees policy elites incapable of winning our ill-defined wars, implausibly expecting military force to produce sophisticated political, economic, and cultural outcomes.

Relying so heavily on military credibility to deliver their policy preferences only further erodes the public standing of elected officials.  It sets up military leaders as the guarantors of public support, something that should be anathema to the long-standing balance of civil-military roles in America. 

You have to be careful – if you’re a Brahmin.

Eric Hobsbawm, reviewing Luttwak’s notorious Coup d’etat writes:

As Mr. Luttwak rightly reminds us, the politics of officers’ corps are frequently quite different from those of their civilian masters, generally being both more reactionary and more romantic.”

Ok, three videos.

Watch this:

Now this

And finally, most importantly, this:

Begin at 1:55, pay attention to the symbolism of the soldiers just appearing and leaving and what Trump is saying. The key line is “Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning because today we are not just merely transferring power from one administration to another but we are transferring power from Washington D.C back to you the people.”

Remember the key lesson From James Burnham: words, slogans and formulas in politics do not mean, what they appear to mean.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Well, what would it look like?

Let me suggest some background reading:

If that does not convince you that maybe something truly historical has taken place, then perhaps the considered (panicked) reaction from commentators all over the spectrum – especially progressive and liberal – will help.

“The fall of a great civilizational cathedral

New World Order:

Reactionary Populism:

Fukuyama’s “vetocracy” vetoed:

Two years ago, I argued in these pages that America was suffering from political decay. The country’s constitutional system of checks and balances, combined with partisan polarization and the rise of well-financed interest groups, had combined to yield what I labeled “vetocracy,” a situation in which it was easier to stop government from doing things than it was to use govern­ment to promote the common good. Recurrent budgetary crises, stagnating bureaucracy, and a lack of policy innovation were the hall­marks of a political system in disarray.

(What Fukuyama is describing here is actually better described as oligarchy.)

On the surface, the 2016 presidential election seems to be bearing out this analysis. The once proud Republican Party lost control of its nominating process to Donald Trump’s hostile takeover and is riven with deep internal contradictions. On the Democratic side, meanwhile, the ultra-insider Hillary Clinton has faced surprisingly strong competition from Bernie Sanders, a 74-year-old self-proclaimed demo­cratic socialist. Whatever the issue—from immigration to financial reform to trade to stagnating incomes—large numbers of voters on both sides of the spectrum have risen up against what they see as a corrupt, self-dealing Establishment, turning to radical outsiders in the hopes of a purifying cleanse.

Again, as I argued here, the Modern Structure is responsible for Trump.

In the next part, we will look at the state of the military and political grand strategy that has led up to Trump.


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