Has Trump Done It Again?

Trump is a realtalentedplayer.

During the election he ran rings round his opponents and the media. 

The firing of Michael Flynn looked bad. However, I wrote at the time that it may have upsides.

I wrote:

Michael Flynn has been (politically) assassinated by the Deep State Polygon. Trump could perform a “Judo” move here. He now has the excuse to flush out his Deep State enemies and crush them.

Now, we have this:

The Wall Street Journal cited officials in saying Flynn, through his attorney Robert Kelner, has made the offer to both the FBI and the House and Senate intelligence committees that are probing any possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In a statement from Kelner, he didn’t explicitly mention anything about testimony but said Flynn “certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit.”

I am beginning to think maybe Trump deployed Flynn as a pawn, in order to bring down much bigger game. Flynn could well have agreed to do this – one for the team.

This could all lead to criminal charges against members of the Obama administration, indeed even Obama himself; members of the intelligence service and the media.

Such a scandal and series of prosecutions would fatally weaken the Cathedral and the inner-party democrats. If Trump pursues an indictment against Clinton for corruption, fraud and treason, it would be the end of the Democrat Party in America.



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