Trump 100: Round Up.

My Trump series is here. Other entries are here, here and here.

A key entry is here. 

Trump has now passed 100 days. The following is a reading list of good, bad and ugly.

For Trump, in general, I think he has had a very good 100 days – given the opposition. Much of the Presidency, modern politics, and politics in general is all about persuasion; Trump has done a very good job persuading people that he is not the next Hitler. Also, he has shown that he is competent, especially, I claim, when it comes to foreign policy.

That is for Trump, however.

For conservatives, I think it is a mixed bag. The Supreme Court being filled by a conservative is good for them, some Executives Orders that cut regulations are, well, good. But really…. Lick of paint and all that.

For Reactionaries?

What is good for us, is the chance to sharpen our analysis, test our theories and convince conservatives why the Republic is dead.

For Progressives, it is a chance, a “teaching moment”, to explain to them How and Why Trump Won.

Anyway, here is a round-up.


Gorka out! Not Good As I said here. 


Trump is causing illegal immigration to fall by persuasion alone (see Scott Adams below). Just shows that persuasion with sticks do work.


Trump really is a master persuader…..


Trump has lost the support this anti-immigration advocacy group. They claim he has betrayed his promises. Not good.


Scott Adams explains things better than I can, so read him. Trump is winning.


Does The Wall have funding or not?


More on Trump’s persuasion – this time with foreign policy.


Trump, background.


Trump putting more people on notice. (Just like he did with China over the Taiwan phone call. Then, once he has got their attention, and got them worried, he begins the negotiations.


It does not look good. However, think of this as de-legitimising the legal system. Think long term. (See here for more.) Trump may get a second Supreme Court justice (Roberts might be retiring), so this means that all the immigration debates will get kicked up to the Supreme Court. There, I’m expecting a victory. The symbolism of this victory is that America will have “officially” given the “papal-bull” to exclude Muslims and kick out illegal immigrants. (My theory anyway.)


Very good, balanced, review.


Getting the job done?


A critical piece. Corey Robin is the author of the Reactionary Mind. There, he proposes a new theory – one based on psychology that tries to explain right-wing beliefs. (I have read this book and maybe one day, I will write a review.)


A critical piece.


Oh Hillary, what a failure:

“Shattered also revealed that after Sanders won New Hampshire in the Democratic primaries, Clinton told one of her longtime aides, “I don’t understand what’s happening in the country.””

You can read my entry, from the How Trump Won Series, on Hilary here where I’m very critical of Clinton. If we treat being able to run a campaign, as anything like being able to run a country, then Clinton was simply awful.




3 thoughts on “Trump 100: Round Up.

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  2. steve e says:

    You write well, but the design of your blog makes it hard to navigate; I had to search from my startpage to find this entry; I could not find it using your own table of contents. Please consider making modifications.


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