A Vox Day Zinger.

I read Vox Day every day.

This one is real good:

It’s over. Let reason – and Reason – be silent when observation and experience gainsay its theories.

What libertarians need to ask themselves are these two questions: One, is my ideal of maximizing liberty in my society, the human society in which I actually live, presently dependent upon the core libertarian ideas of the Non-Aggression Principle and the Sovereign Individual? And, two, at this particular moment in history, do those core libertarian dogmas tend to expand or to reduce human liberty in my society?

Vox is quite right. Moldbug drew similar conclusions in 2007 here.

The problem with libertarians is that they are both confused about the nature of power, the structure of power, and the composition of power; also, they engage in, to quote James Burnham, “politics as wish”.

The problem with Vox Day is his preference for “direct democracy” which is also an engine of chaos and destruction, and would turn out to be a worse cure than the disease of libertarianism – if libertarians and libertarian political formulas ever got to actually control a government.

The difficult task is actually designing and implementing a system of government that is secure, competent and responsible. At the very least, this means that the structure will be hierarchical.

There are three such types of organisations (Corporations) that have such structures today:

1:  The Church.

2: The Military.

3: The for-profit Corporation.

Why think government is any different?



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