England: 2027.

I saw this clip:

The Labour Party are finished in England.

While the Tories are worse than useless (and not even conservative), they are looking at what is very likely going to be a permanent majority.

A permanent government, in other words.

The success of the Modern Structure is that it offers people – especially those on the left – the illusion of power. Once this illusion drains away, and all those discontented leftists have no way to win “power” anymore, and as all the things the left complain about get worse……..

They will get desperate. Perhaps, they will try to shut down cities.

The rest of the country will have no sympathy for these people, however.

If the leftist rabble do try to riot…….. the government will say that the protest has been cancelled because of the severe risk of suicide bombing.

Should a protest actually occur……. a suicide bomb or two will take care of things.

Either that, or the government will sponsor some Dalit group to beat up the protesting students.

If that does not work, the government will have a huge police force, and considerable private security forces, to take care of those who damage the people’s and the King’s property.

If the left do raise a half successful insurrection given all these hurdles….. congratulations….. you have just handed the country to the military and the Royal Family….  Which might not be a bad idea.

So, what will the left do?

I suspect that the number of attacks – cyber and physical – will increase from “radical leftist groups.” They will cause all kinds of mayhem, but it will make no difference in the end.

Passivists will stay out of trouble, however.

Yes sir.

No sir.

And three bags and full sir.

Except for the fact that the passavists will have a plan: you want more money? You want secure, efficient, power? You want these people to be taken care of?

Time for some corporate restructuring then.

The Art of the Deal: Reaction style.

The state just wilts into your hand, like an ripe Apple from a tree.

Well not my hand. In truth, I would be more than happy to spend the rest of my days teaching young people about the lies and crimes of the 20th century; retire to my library at night, and relax in my garden during Summer.





3 thoughts on “England: 2027.

  1. Dirtnapninja says:

    The left will double and redouble on importing muslim and african colonists to weaponise against the indigenous population.


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