Whose Ya Daddy Now?

This is a very smart essay.

This video explains it kinetically:

Adam trains his guns on one of the Left’s weaknesses: who is the authority.

A simple why………….

Why X?

Why X1?

Why X2?

Is this an order?

Is this a recommendation?

Is this a categorical imperative?

Is this a hypothetical imperative?

Are you telling me God says so?


Are you telling me the King says so?


The President?

The Prime Minister?

The Priest?


Your daddy?

My daddy?

The Boss?

The Diversity Coordinator?

Who is their boss?

And who is their boss?

Who told them to say and not say X and Y?

Is their an official book?

An official code?


I’m confused.

Perhaps, maybe, you need to write a little…red…book….

Or a little green book.

(Now, if they do give you an order, insist for it to be in writing. Follow the order, to-a-T, and if any fallout happens, you have the letter…. Request more instruction. Request more instruction and clarification for the instructors. Request that the instructors of the instructors, who may have communication problems, be given more instructor. In short, overload the command chain.)


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