How Trump Won Part 5: Trump Frees the Slaves.

Aristotle says that the last thing a practitioner of rhetoric needs is logos.

Logos refers to facts and logic.

Do you recall, from part 1, the analogy between knowledge and a building?

First, we have principles as the foundations of a house; facts are the bricks  and logic is the mortar which keeps the bricks together. Emotion, however, is what causes someone to buy a particular house, and they buy a particular house because they trust and like the salesperson.

Still, why does the person need to buy a house in the first place?

Because niggers keep fucking shit up.

Wait what……?

The other night on TV, season 3 of The Wire was on. It was the first episode, and Baltimore Councilman, Thomas Carcetti is sounding out Chief of Police Burrell. Carcetti (a white boy) is planning on running against the city’s black Mayor. Carcetti asks Burrell if he knows why people are leaving the city.

“Schools.” Burrell says.

“And crime.” Carcetti adds.

Carcetti explains that these two things — schools and crime — are driving the city’s tax base out to the suburbs. Obviously, this is not exactly a good thing from the point of either the city’s residents or the city government itself, as it will have to rely on the federal government. Indeed, in a later season we learn that the city is broke. The drug dealers, meanwhile, are shown in the same episode to collect “200 million” a year.

The Wire is over a decade old, and it is a masterpiece of vision, story, direction and acting; it is also one of America’s finest cultural productions demonstrating America’s urban disintegration.

What we see in the Wire — time and time again — is something that Moldbug points out time and again — the lack of absolute personal rule.

Instead, the characters whether police, dockworkers, teachers or politicians are locked into the logic of the system which produces nothing but perverse and unintended consequences.

Personal initiative and exercise of responsibility is actively punished as witness the immolation of McNulty; Fremon; Sobotka; Colvin; Daniels and Royce.

The cops are either cynical nihilists or jobsworths — the “true police” usually end up getting either burned or burned out.



If you want to learn why being a cop in America is so stressful’ you may wish to spend some time here:

Do read the comments; the fury and cynicism of the cops is authentic, uncensored and unfiltered expressions of simply how fucked up America is.

Again, this is all part of the “unspoken” but not unknown phenomenon of “white flight” which is another word for the retreat, decline and death of Western Civilisation in micro scale.

James Burnham, in Suicide of the West writes that over a period of just a few decades, the West has lost vast regions which they once owned, controlled or influenced; now, in 2017, fifty years later, white are being cleansed from their cities.


“The trend, the curve, is unmistakable. Over the past two generations Western civilization has been in a period of very rapid decline, recession or ebb within the world power structure. I refer here to the geographic or what might be called “extensive” aspects only. I ignore the question whether this decline is a good thing or a bad thing either for the world as a whole or for Western civilization itself; whether the decline in extensive power may be accompanied by a moral improvement like the moral rejuvenation of a man on his deathbed. I leave aside also the question of increases in material power and wealth that may have come about within the areas still remaining under Western control. I want to narrow my focus down to a fact so obvious and undeniable that it can almost be thought of as self-evident; and, having directed attention to this undeniable fact, to accept it hereafter as an axiom serving to define, in part, the frame of reference for the analysis and discussion that are to follow.”

The Suicide of the West.

The middle class whites flee to exurbs; the blacks, meanwhile, are condemned to anarcho-tyranny.

And it is a pan-Western phenomenon:

And it is intentional:

London elected its first Muslim Pakistani Mayor in 2016. How does that fact connect with the following:

Of course, the perverse irony of all this is that it is Whites – or Brahmins – who have brought this all about with conscious design and intent.

In America’s cities, meanwhile, the black underclass have been abandoned to drugs addiction and organised crime.

And all under the loving-tender-care of the Democrat Party!

As Moldbug said, to look at the state of black communities in America one would think it was in the hands of Storm Thurmond. In reality, Blacks are in the hands of elite whites who claim to care for them, who love them and nurture them.


A sexual abuser says much the same thing about many of their victims. That they love them, that they care for them.

However, this is all part of the reality distortion that the Modern State (Structure) fosters on people.

Fabian Tassano, commenting on a unpublished book about goverment, writes that Modern Government is pathological:

Beckham Jolly’s excellent book, The Government*, presents a credible argument for the government as a psychopath. The government’s overriding belief in its responsibility to ‘society’ renders it incapable of sustaining long-term relationships with individual voters, or of experiencing guilt, or considering the harm its actions may cause others, and so on.

The model of psychopathy is highly apposite. The manipulative skills of some politicians may be valued for providing audacious leadership. However, these individuals will often cause long-term harm, both to the existing institutions of government and to society as a whole, due their manipulative, deceitful, abusive, and often fraudulent behaviour.

The government, like a psychopath, is:
• irresponsible — it puts individuals at risk in pursuit of social goals;
• manipulative — it manipulates voters’ opinions in pursuit of its goals;
• grandiose — it always insists that it knows best;
• reckless — it refuses to accept responsibility for the negative effects of its actions;
• remorseless — it cannot feel remorse;
• superficial — government agents relate to other individuals in ways that are ‘official’ rather than human.

Psychopathy may also be an apt description for social workers and other state-authorised agents of intervention. Psychopaths have been described as predators who use charm, manipulation, intimidation, and violence to control others and to satisfy their own destructive motives. Lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they take what they want and do as they please, violating domestic and other private arrangements without guilt or remorse.

But another characterisation, that of the government as paedophile, is equally apt. Like the paedophile, the government in a mediocratic society thinks of itself as the friend of those it seeks to exploit; it uses its unequal power relationship with communities and groups (e.g. minorities) to manipulate them for its own ulterior motives. A paedophile might use a puppy and a van, but the government might use promises of higher welfare payouts, more ‘training’ for currently inept teachers and nurses, and so on. And, like the paedophile, the government sees nothing wrong in its conduct: doing well (to society) by doing harm (to the nasty bourgeoisie), as Marxists never tire of saying.

That description is very apt, considering the the English’s State failure and tolerance of young, white children getting sexuall enslaved:

Start here for a report — in only one location — for systematic sexual violence against white children:
America has just lived under eight years of Obama’s psychopathy; but it has lived under decades of progressive paedophilia.

The fact, as the Left sees it, that America was taken — conquered, seduced, deflowered and is now being repeatedly ass raped — by Trump only shows that America has either had bad luck, bad genes or bad parents.

Not bad luck, unfortunately, because other children in the class — England and France are also showing signs of abuse.

America does not have bad genes because that is badthink.

So America must have had bad parents.

Now America is on her knees sucking the cock of President Trump.

And the fact is that it is all your fault dear progressives.

And that, I submit, is the most important fact.

That it was all under Progressive Control.

They had the Universities; the Press; the Schools; the Courts; yet still, they fucked it all up.

They failed. That’s a fact. They failed in the most basic sense of maintaining power.

In England, and now in America, but elsewhere across the world, the Left are in retreat – just when they thought the world was theirs.

It is your fault.

Or it would be, if I believed in free will.


The point is practically all of us are slaves to the logic of the system.

The only people who have true freedom are either hermits, or kings like the drug-king-pins on the Wire, or men like Zuckerberg or Musk or Trump.

That is what people see in Trump – even his enemies – kingly authority.

When I first read a biography of Julius Caesar, I was stunned by how similar the political situation of the Roman Republic was to America’s Republic.

I saw, however, for the first time in my life that only a single man — commanding a great mass of men, a man of great wealth and talent could ever step outside the logic of the system, and then begin to actually redesign, reform and restore rationality to the system.

The American system, nevertheless, is progressive – or has been since 1933:

Yes. Again. Say it. Because it is the most important fact here.

The progressive system made Donald Trump President of the United States of America.

That is the Logos.

That is Trump’s logos:

The liberation of America from the slavery of the Modern Structure.

Next, we will look at the Modern Structure and the significance of Trump’s victory.


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