Contents: Formalist Philosophy and Reactionary Propaganda.


Dark Reformation Series:

The Dark Reformation Part 1: Meditations on First (Reactionary) Philosophy (Or Why Modern Life Is Rubbish).

The Dark Reformation Part 2: Democracy, Power and the Modern Crisis.

The Dark Reformation Part 3: The New Protestants: Progress To Providence

The Dark Reformation Part 4: The Islam Delusion And Kuffars For The Caliphate

The Dark Reformation Part 5: The Constitution Of New Mecca

Dark Reformation Part 6: Levithan Awakes

The Dark Reformation Part 7: The Dark Enlightenment

The Dark Reformation Part 8: Dark Philosophy

The Dark Reformation Part 9: Two Enlightenments

The Dark Reformation Part 10: The Clash Of Memes And the Making Of A New World Disorder

The Dark Reformation Part 11: What Is To Be Done?

Dark Reformation Part 12: The Return of the King(s). Neo-Royalism: Design and Defence.

The Dark Reformation Part 13: Meta Reaction.

Brief Reflection on the Dark Reformation Series, Inquiry, Reflection and Reaction. 

The Path to the Dark Reformation:

The Path to the Dark Reformation Part A: Democracy, Power and the Modern Crisis.

The Path To The Dark Reformation Part B: After Humanity. A Neoreactionary Theory of Modern Moral and Political History.

How Trump Won:

How Trump Won. Part 1: Patterns, Persuasion and the Path to Presidency. 

How Trump Won. Part 2: Democracy is Dead.

How Trump Won Part 3: Ethos.

How Trump Won. Part 4: Pathos

How Trump Won Part 5: Trump Frees the Slaves.

How Trump Won. Intermezzo: Has Scott Adams Been Reading My Blog?

How Trump Won Part 6: Trumping The Cathedral.

How Trump Won Part Seven: The Modern Crisis of the Modern Structure.

How Trump Won Part 8: Crack-Addicted-Communist-Clowns 

How Trump Won Part 9A: The Clowns Who Gave Away The Circus

How Trump Won Part 9B: The Crocodile Circus

How Trump Won Part 9C: Sex, Lies, Facebook and the Pathological “Face Saving” of Progressives.  

How Trump Won Part 9D: A Coup against the Cathedral?

How Trump Won Part 9E: Imperium in Imperio.

How Trump Won Part 9F: Quack-Crack-Cracks-in-the-Circus.

How Trump Won Part 10A: Moldbug Versus the Minotaur.

How Trump Won Part 10B: Moldbug Versus the Minotaur.

How Trump Won Part 11:Sam Altman is Still Not A Blithering Idiot.

How Trump Won Part 12: Political Re-Education for Progressives.

Formalism etc.

Homage to Reactionary Future.

No Evidence…..

Letter To a History Professor

I Will Be the Judge of That.

The Four Key Components of MMs System. (Audio).

Democracy, the “Donald” and the “Deep State.”

Who, Whom? Justice and the Judiciary.

The 45 Cs of Jurisprudence 

Who, Whom? Power and the Press.

Chain Of Command:

Chain of Command Part 1: A Thought Experiment.

Chain Of Command Part 2: The Procedure.

Chain of Command Part 3: Real Problems, Hypothetical Answers.

On Trump:

Has Trump Done It Again?

Trump V Deep State.

Will Trump Say No to NATO?

America: The God That Failed


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